Is trying to rent your property quickly causing you STRESS?

Are you feeling FRUSTRATED with managing upgrades, maintenance and analytics on your own?

Is your current property management company more of a HEADACHE than a help?

You are not alone…

Auben Realty is here to help take the stress out of owning, renting, maintenance and managing your investment property portfolio.

Auben specializes in Real Estate investment and property management. Our 10+ years of experience equip our team with the knowledge and skills to get your property rented fast!

Using the latest in market research and our proven best practices, we can expertly ensure that your property is listed at the right price, and marketed for maximum value in order to GUARANTEE it will be under contract to lease in less than 30 days.

Our proactive approach allows us to discover areas of opportunity and improvement with your property. Ultimately, it allows you to catch a small issue before it grows into a big problem.

Leveraging the latest property management technologies, analytics and reporting, Auben will deliver you the best possible experience as an investor as well as achieve your long term investment goals.

Auben goes beyond just providing maintenance for your investment property. We enact our extensive knowledge of the latest landlord-tenant laws to protect you and your investments.